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Sales and profitability

The e-commerce experienced owner started this FBA in beauty in January 2019. From 2019 to 2020, sales increased 2.5 times to about 860k€. The company’s overall adjusted margin is currently around 25%. The owner operates seller accounts in the EU as well as the US.

EU key figures: Sales TTM: ca. 550k€ | Profit TTM : ca. 150k€ |USA key figures Sales TTM: ca. 310k€ | Profit TTM: ca. 55k€

Total revenue of >1.1 million€ is forecast for 2021

Article, SKU, EAN

Totally, this listing distributes about 350 EANs spread across more than 10 beauty brands. The business has long-standing supplier relationships with wholesalers and manufacturers in the EU as well as the USA. The supplier relationships and conditions can be taken over after a takeover. The existing suppliers still have further capacities for scaling the business. The high quality products have all necessary certifications for distribution in all countries of the EU as well as in the USA. 

owner, conversion, marketing

The current owner is only slightly involved in day-to-day operations (approx. 15h/week). Previous profits have been consistently invested in the growth of the company. This listing consistently has 5-star ratings on all international marketplaces (total of about 2500 positive reviews). The product pages achieve conversion rates of approximately 15% in the EU and 19% in the US. The current return rate is approx. 4% in the EU as well as approx. 8% in the USA.  The FBA is successful without marketing activities such as social media or PPC. The company differentiates itself from the competition through consistent use of prime benefits as well as outstanding value for money.

Potential in USA

In particular, the recent growth of the USA business indicates the potential for monthly sales of approximately 100,000€. This business is now reaching a size that the current owner would like to transfer to other hands in order to subsequently pursue other projects. The acquisition of this listing can be done as an asset deal. As of 03/19/2021, goods for the purchase value of 150,000€ have been in FBA centers in the EU and the USA or in transit.

The acquisition of this listing is ideal as a portfolio addition or expansion.


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