CBD Skin Care

Turnover 2020: 110.000€

Profit 2020: 60,000€

Open for offers | Business including brand rights, processes, and stock

Repayment of liabilities: 170.000€ (mandatory for new owner)

Foundation: 2018

Turnover | Profit

This company is a pioneer in the European market for CBD skin care products. The unique selling point of the own brand is based on the natural, sustainable and certified ingredients as well as the highest CBD content on the European market. All products are marketable in the EU. With a turnover of € 110,000 as well as a profitability of € 60,000 per year, the company is already positioned in a still young European market.

The level of awareness of this own brand is based, among other things, on the successful participation in a start-up show on private television as well as through editorial contributions in international fashion magazines and international fashion fairs. Marketing via social media has begun for this brand and still has further potential.

EANs | Products | Suppliers

With reliable suppliers in the European Union, the products are manufactured in compliance with the law and the market. The entire product range is manufactured in the European Union. The existing supplier relationships are stable and reliable.

SWOT CBD Skin Care

The skin creams contain an average of 75% active ingredients, which is considered excellent in the industry. In addition, the founder will soon begin marketing a CBD oil line. The addition of the CBD oil will allow for cross-selling opportunities with the CBD skin creams, as many customers purchase both creams and oil through a shopping cart.

The brand is featured on Amazon and other listed fashion and beauty online stores. The sale of the brand and all tangible and intangible assets is through a limited liability company – both an asset deal and a share deal are possible.

Sales are distributed among B2B customers (60%) and via the company’s own webshop (10%) and Amazon (30%).

Logistics are handled by an external service provider.

Key Facts

The total investment for a buyer is about 170,000 € for current debts. There are currently goods with an acquisition value of about 40,000 € in the warehouse. A further employment of the founder is possible.

Please contact jan@luckyflippers.com when you are interested in this business

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