E-commerce | Engagement and wedding rings | Private label

Sales LTM: 300.000 €  

Profit LTM: 60.000 € 

Asking Price: 170.000 €

Founded:  2012

Asset Deal or Share Deal

Registered Brand

Brand | Brand Story

  • Brand for wedding rings and engagement rings
  • This brand is an early adopter for fair traded as well as recycled gold and the production of gold according to “Eco & Fair” standards
  • Unique selling proposition: Only rings produced according to ecological and fair conditions
  • Certification of the products and the manufacturing processes are available and are renewed without complaint
  • The company has established a digital sample ring service without involving stationary retailers
  • Payment for rings with scrap gold is also established as a digital process
  • Sale from a limited liability company: asset deal feasible
  • Registered DPMA trademark
  • Established: December 2012
  • Sales are generated exclusively through its own store (WooCommerce)

Sales | Profit

  • 2020: 230.000 € | Profit: 53.000€
  • 2019: 110.000 € | Profit: 55.000€ 
  • 2018: 88.000€ | Profit:-8.000€
  • 2017: 40.000€ | Profit: 2.000€
  • 2016: 40.000€ | Profit: 3.500€
  • Strong brand reputation through active network to wedding planners and wedding fairs.
  • The owner works about 4-5 hours per day for his companies
  • The company has supplier relationships with five suppliers who produce exclusively in the EU
  • The return rate is close to 0%, as returns are virtually eliminated through the shipment of sample rings
  • There are no warehousing costs, as all rings are produced to order and delivered just-in-time to the end customer.
  • Potential for investor in the field of virtual reality
  • Further potential: So far this brand is not represented on any of the major e-commerce marketplaces
  • Over 300 positive reviews
  • Overall rating: approx. 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • All customer reviews have been acquired organically
  • Monthly spend on search engine ads is between €1,800 and €2,500 per month
  • Social media accounts are available, but are only sporadically maintained
  • Merchandise is handled by the owner and packed in branded cases

Bare you interested in this business: Please send a message to Jan@LuckyFlippers.com | Subject: “Rings”

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