FBA & FBM: Private Label Dash Cams

Sales TTM12: 680.000€

Profit: 115.000€

Asking Price 150.000€ + Stock as per Closing (ca. 15.000€)

Founded:  2004

Registrierte Brand |23 active Asins

Revenue | Profit

As a premium supplier of dash cams and high quality accessories, this private label has established itself in a leading market position since 2004. The turnover in the last 12 months is about 680.000€ with a profit of 110.000€. This brand does not use any marketing spend like PPC and generates 100% of its revenue organically.

Revenue + Profit per Month

Products | Advertising | Motivation

The products occupy strong listings on AMZ’s marketplace due to their high quality. For example, the top sellers are “Choice” items and have more than 2,000 real reviews per item, which are completely organic. This private brand generates its sales completely organically, making it successful without PPC spend. The company forms the logistics via the FBA warehouse and as FBM via its own shipping activities. The goods are sourced via air freight from the Far East.

The products of this own brand are different from their competing products due to the high quality workmanship and durability. The owner has continued to develop the products over several years and has developed a stable supply chain with quality manufacturers in South Korea and China. So, cheaper competitors cannot match the more than 2,000 organic reviews for this private label’s top sellers with their low-quality goods. The return rate of this private label is about 10%.

The owner would like to retire for private reasons. The sale of the intangible and tangible assets of this private label is carried out by a German GmbH & CO. KG. The product portfolio includes dash cams in various designs as well as accessories. In addition to the AMZ marketplace, this company sells the products through its own store that runs on JTL.

For further interest in this business: please write to Jan@LuckyFlippers.com with the subject “Dash-Cams”.

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