Limited Auction

Offer your business anonymously to multiple buyers through our controlled bidding process

With Lucky Flippers you can anonymously present your company to a larger number of investors via a controlled bidding process. Lucky Flipper can control the bidding process and thus separate serious potential buyers from less serious potential buyers. Through the controlled bidding process, offers from nosy competitors or even scammers are screened out. This selection of serious prospective buyers makes it possible to choose between different offers the one that offers the best conditions. 

Through a controlled bidding process, your company is offered to many interested parties. The interested parties bid their purchase prices and in the further selection process you can choose between several interested parties. 

The process of the controlled bidding procedure is similar to a sales funnel, as you might know it from your marketing activities:

You have a company that is worth selling and should be offered to several prospective buyers through our controlled bidding process? Then contact us:


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