Gifts and Event Articles, Decoration, Soft Toys, Garden & Outdoor | FBM | Multichannel

Gifts and Event Articles, Decoration, Soft Toys, Garden & Outdoor | FBM | Multichannel

Sales Trailing Twelve Month (TTM): 1.4 Mio€

Profitability TTM: 100,000€

Indicative price without transfer of business: 350,000€

Indicative price with transfer of business: 300,000€

Turnover | Profitability

This FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) generated €1.4 million in revenue in calendar year 2020 in the Decorative and Gift Products segment. The Trailing Twelte Month (TTM) revenue is also 1.4M€. Since the beginning of 2021, the UK business has been dormant, contributing 160k€ to total sales in 2020. Product segments are interior decoration, event decoration, soft toys and garden/outdoor. Product level margins have ranged from 20% to 30% in the last 12 months, depending on the product group.

Between January 2021 and May 2021, the company generated approximately €550,000 in revenue excluding sales in the UK. In the same period last year, revenue including sales in the UK was €460,000.

As a sole proprietor, the owner constantly invests the company profits in goods as well as in marketing, logistics and expansion of the own webshop. The goods are managed in the company’s own warehouse and shipped from there. The annual costs for the FBM activities amount to 400,000€ (including space costs, lease, personnel, postage and shipping). So far, this multi-channel seller only uses FBA for a few selected products. Currently, the company is undertaking the inclusion of numerous items as FBA goods. With this strategic move, FBM is evolving into an FBA/FBM hybrid. An investor would be free to follow this strategy or continue the business as a pure FBA or pure FBM.

EANs | Products | Suppliers

for distribution in all countries of the EU as well as in the USA.

In total, the business distributes approximately 1,300 SKUs. The company has exclusive and reliable supplier relationships and sources its goods in Germany and other EU countries. The supplier relationships as well as price lists are part of the sales. The current return rate across all products is approximately 4%. When selecting seasonal goods and new products, this company is always a trendsetter in Europe.

Brand | Market Places | Sales Distribution

Under its own DPMA brand, the company generates 80% of total sales on the Amazon marketplaces in Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK (sales are currently paused in the UK). Other sales channels include the company’s own web store (8% of total sales), ebay (10% of total sales), Cdiscount and Kaufland (both together 2% of total sales). The own brand is well known in the market and appeals to a stable customer base. This also includes several B2B customers who recurrently purchase event articles in larger quantities from this FBM. The company has additional growth potential with the resumption of business in the UK as well as an expansion in the USA via the FBA warehouses there.

Marketing | Reviews

Approximately 5,000 email addresses are registered for the company newsletter, but so far these have hardly been used for email marketing. The company’s own website runs an SEO-optimized lifestyle and decor magazine. The own website with store has reached 7,500 unique visitors in the last 12 months. Among other things, returning customers are tied to the brand via a bonus program. The company communicates with its community via its own Facebook page with around 2,500 subscribers and an Instagram account with 500 followers. For marketing, the company invests about 30,000€ per year.

The outstanding quality of the products as well as the logistics can be seen in the consolidated ratings at Proven-Expert: Thus, this brand has more than 21,000 five-star reviews at Proven-Expert with a top score of 4.92 in total out of a maximum of 5 possible stars. This company’s brand is not limited to its existing product segments, but can also be applied by an investor to other product groups.

Logistics | No transfer of operations | Key Facts

The company’s own logistics warehouse is managed by a few part-time employees and two permanent employees. This business can be operated after a possible takeover from this existing warehouse or alternatively as pure FBA or alternatively as FBM from the warehouse of the future owner. A possible termination of the existing employment contracts of the warehouse staff is sought by the current owner in case of a sale. In this case, a transfer of operations does not have to take place for these employees. These personnel measures are included in the sales price.

Motivation for the sale

The owner wants to sell his company in order to reorient himself professionally: He plans to leave self-employment and would like to devote himself to a salaried position in a company. In doing so, he would like to have more time for his family life as an employee.

The acquisition of this listing is ideal for investors with their own logistics or with strong FBA experience. The products can be used as a portfolio addition or expansion.

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