Listing #14: FBA Shopify – Inductive qi chargers and phone case.

Sales TTM12: 70.000€

Profitability: 8.000€

Indicative price expectation: 15,000€ + value stock at closing (around 3,000€ on average).

Foundation: 2019

A modern private label with a sustainability claim

Amazon marketplaces: DACH (66%) & Shopify (33%)

Turnover | Profitability

This e-commerce sells high-quality inductive charging stations with wood veneer for qi-enabled cell phones as well as organic cell phone cases for all popular models of the major manufacturers via its own Shopify store under its own domain and via Amazon (DACH region). Sales in the first half of 2021 are approximately €25,000. Sales in the entire calendar year 2020 were approximately 46,000€. The overall product profitability is about 50%. Due to increased advertising expenses, the profit TTM12 is reduced to about 10% of sales. The revenue distribution between Shop and Amazon is: 33% (Shop) vs. 66% (Amazon).

Brand | Design | Marketing | Sustainability

The current owners have put their focus on brand development as well as the design of the products. The brand is registered as a word and figurative mark with the DPMA as well as with Amazon. The brand is established as a sustainable alternative to competing and conventional products and has received increased attention through editorial articles in various media.

The design of the charging stations has been revamped with the current second collection for a better user experience. The product design is modern and looks natural with the real wood application. The appearance of the charging station upgrades it from a utility item to an appealing decoration.

The cell phone cases are high-quality and petroleum-free products. Customers appreciate the great feel and live “plastic-free” with these products. Accordingly, all packaging is plastic-free or plastic-reduced. In total, the company has around 150 positive reviews on Amazon, which achieve a total of 4.8 out of a maximum of 5 stars, as well as another 150 reviews in its own store. To strengthen the sustainable idea of the brand, the owners participate with this brand in the initiative OneTreePlanted. Through this organization, with every order a tree is planted in parts of the world where reforestation would otherwise come up short.

The founders run a blog on their own webshop about their products as well as sustainable topics. Via Instagram, this brand reaches more than 600 subscribers.

Sourcing| Key Facts | Sales Motivation

The goods are sourced from reliable suppliers in the Far East.

The current owners of the company are looking to sell in order to focus on other projects. This acquisition is ideal for a newcomer to this segment or for a newcomer to e-commerce. The brand and associated rights, the Amazon Seller account and the built Shopify store can be acquired promptly with the stock.

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