Listing “Storage Solutions”: FBA Private Label

Sales TTM12: 290,000€

Adjusted EBITDA: 15,000€

Indicative price expectation: 35,000€ + value stock at closing (annual average around 70,000€).

Foundation: 2019

One registered DPMA trademark | 4 product families| 20 SKUs

Turnover | Profit

This offered company is the perfect complement to the current Lucky Listing “Lunchware”: with four product families and 20 products in the field of high-quality storage solutions, this private label has been able to establish itself on the AMZ marketplace (marketplace D) since its launch in mid-2019. Plastic-free storage solutions for food and household are offered via the registered DPMA brand. The sales to date in reached a profitability of 50% at product level).

Products | Advertising

Marketing and advertising expenses were about 50.000€ in 2020 and about 25.000€ in the first half of the year. Focus of the advertising activities is PPC. In combination with the listing “Lunchware”, there is significant savings potential here.

Top product listings for this company include a plastic-free laundry basket that has little competition on AMZ’s marketplaces. The products are manufactured by a reliable supplier in the Far East. Currently, the owner is working on sourcing in Europe.

Other product listings are in the area of food storage made of glass and/or stainless steel in the kitchen. Currently, the company sources these goods from China, but is currently developing a supplier in the EU. For both logistical and “Made in EU” marketing reasons, sourcing in Europe makes sense and is already being initiated by the founder.

In May 2021, the new product group Lunchware has been launched under the own brand. In this area, the company achieves a unique selling point through color variants of the quality stainless steel cans. The color variants are positively received by customers, as competing listings do not offer color variants. The LFGB certificate is of course available. The lacquers are high-temperature lacquers, which are resistant for a long time. Six months of development work by the founder went into this young product group. The stainless steel cans also offer potential for further product development, such as protective bags for the stainless steel cans.

Potentials | Motivation for Sale

The biggest potential for this business model is to avoid out-of-stock situations, as has happened to the owner since the company was founded in 2019. Currently, the inventory of the listings has been restocked so that the stocks will last until the end of the calendar year.

The manufacturing and delivery times of the products range from 2.5 months to 4 months, depending on the item.

Further potential lies in the saving of packaging material and thus in the reduction of freight costs.

The current owner of the company is aiming for a sale in order to focus on another project in app development.

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