We are an independent sell-side consultancy for founders of e-commerce companies or brands. We represent owners in bidding processes, solicit multiple offers from potential investors and proactively and constructively manage the entire sale process. Among other things, we enable sellers to tender anonymously and carefully select prospective buyers and shape sale terms in dialogue with investors.

Lucky Flippers is your independent advisor for selling e-commerce businesses and brands. Lucky Flippers is able to evaluate online retailers fairly and realistically and manages the entire selling and buying process. Your Lucky Deal is our objective 

Lucky Flippers actively designs and manages the process from the initial approach through due diligence to the closing of the sale.

Lucky Flippers has experience from various company sales and acquisitions in industry and commerce. We are a true European management consultancy, as our consultants are based in Germany and the Netherlands. Our consultants cover the languages English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Our partners include successful e-commerce retailers and e-commerce marketeers.

With the decision to sell their own company, many e-business owners enter new territory in the area of “Mergers & Acquisitions” (M&A). A sales project is complex and requires practical experience. This is where Lucky Flippers positions itself as an advisor for prospective sellers and buyers. 

Lucyk Flippers’ principles are fairness, openness, direct communication and transparency in project progress.


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