Exposé: FBA |Whiskey and Cocktail Glass Sets | Suction Cups | Pigeon Spikes

Turnover TTM12: 246,313

Profitability: 72,000€

Indicative price expectation: 70,000€ + value stock at closing (ca 30,000€ on average).

Foundation: 2018

Two own brands

Turnover | Profitability
The FBA presented here has achieved about 250,000€ in sales on AMZ’s EU marketplaces in the last 12 months. With two own brands, the owner, as a sole proprietor, sells practical kitchen gadgets (14 SKUs, approx. 37,000€ of total sales) and high-quality glassware and accessories sets for alcoholic beverages (7 SKUs, approx. 190,000€ of total sales). As another smaller segment, this business sells pest repellent products for home & garden as well as barbecue accessories (4 SKUs with approx. 23,000€ of total sales). The seller account achieves 98% positive ratings and thus consistently 5-star ratings for all items.

The sales within the EU are mainly distributed on the following marketplaces:

D: 166k€ | IT: 35k€ | FR: 26k€ | ES: 11k€ | UK: 7k€

EANs | Products | Suppliers
The owner has placed first class product pages with top descriptions as well as 1A product photos for all his product listings. In addition, all descriptions are professionally translated into the relevant European languages. The products are delivered in high-quality packaging. This makes the alcoholic beverage sets in particular popular gift items. These products in particular have attractive contribution margins of >50%.

As a sole proprietor, the operator has the company profits constantly in goods as well as in marketing. The business has been run on a part-time basis. The bookkeeping has been done by the owner on his own. The sales figures and revenues presented in this exposé have been validated via SellerBoard. The expenses are validated via supplier invoices. Surplus income statements as well as advance sales tax returns are available to LuckyFlippers.com.

Sourcing| Key Facts
The company has exclusive and reliable supplier relationships and sources its goods in Germany and the Far East. The supplier relationships as well as price lists are part of the sales. The current return rate across all products is approximately 4%. The conversion rate of several top-selling products is >90%,

The owner is aiming for a sale in order to dedicate himself to his next project (no e-commerce).

Key Facts