Turnover TTM12: 430,000€

Profitability: 57,000€

Indicative price expectation: 85.000€ + value of stock at closing (roughly 50.000€)

Foundation: 2018

Own brand registered with German DPMA

Turnover | Profitability

With a private label, this company is positioned in the lunchware market, offering boxes and stainless steel drinking bottles.

With its own brand, this company is positioned in the market for lunchware and offers boxes as well as drinking bottles made of stainless steel.
In total, this company achieved a turnover of 430,000€ in the most recent 12 months, with 260,000€ achieved via Amazon and 170,000€ achieved via its own store under its own domain. The sales profitability in the most recent 12 months was 24,500€ (=9%) on Amazon and 32,000€ (=18%) in the store.

Products | Advertising

The products are made of stainless steel and have a high quality design. All items are engraved with the brand name. The products are plastic-free and packed plastic-free according to the brand claim. The LFGB certificate is of course available. The company sources the goods from two suppliers in the Far East. All products are petroleum-free products and packaged without plastic. Customers show great appreciation for the stainless steel feel and the sustainable claim “plastic-free”, which is also reflected in the selling price. The ratings correspond to a total of 4.8 out of a maximum of 5 stars. The best sellers achieve 200 and more ratings.

The marketing and advertising expenditures are for this period altogether with 60.000€. The company certainly has potential for savings in this area. The founders actively operate channels on Instagram with 15,000 followers and on Facebook with 10,000 subscribers. Professional photos are used for this and posts are made regularly on both channels.

Own store | B2B potential | Sustainable brand

This e-commerce sells the products alongside AMZ (DACH region) via its own Shopify store under its own domain. In addition, this business has potential in B2B for “unpackaged stores” as well as for companies as employee or customer gifts.

The current owners have put their focus on brand development as well as product design and have invested in building the brand accordingly. The brand is registered as a word mark with the DPMA as well as AMZ. The brand emphasizes the strong sustainable message: the CO2 emissions of production, transport, packaging as well as shipping are compensated by the owners through a cooperation partner. To strengthen the sustainable idea of the brand, the owners participate with this brand in an initiative for reforestation. Through this organization, with every order a tree is planted in parts of the world where reforestation would otherwise come too short.

The current owners of the company are looking to sell the business to focus on other activities. 

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